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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

these lovely flowers, which arrived at my office from my sweetie. They are an assortment of tulips & roses, and have crab apples on sticks and floating at the base of the square vase. Definitely original and eye catching.

This is actually my first ever Valentine's Day that I'm not single. It brings the card giving "friendship" holiday to a new level. When coworker jokingly said she hated my boyfriend when she saw my flowers and another said they loved him. Hehe. I love getting flowers at work. Now I'm crazy flower lady instead of package lady.

We actually had went out for dinner yesterday though at Border Grill, because it was also our one year anniversary since our first date, which works out because we didn't have the dinner crowds due to VDay. Tonight we're chilling at home with some red champagne that we got from our trip to Temecula in December.

I wasn't the only one to get flowers this week though, I sent my mother two dozen assorted roses in a red vase. I only hope they make it to her door in the current bad winter weather on the East coast. 

Have a Happy Valentine's Day everyone. 

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