Forgive me for I have sinned

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

According to the “Top 10 Sins of blog Usability,” #10 is sending mixed messages. The article by Linda Bustos and sent via SiteProNews reads, "the focus of your blog should be decided before your first post and then committed to. Random blog entries about a melee of topics might work for a personal blog read by friends and family, but is not a good approach for a serious, professional blog. The lifeblood of any blog is in its loyal subscriber base. And readers are more willing to subscribe to blogs that talk about their area of interest on a consistent basis. Or start a separate blog on that topic and cross-link your blogs."

I guess When Tara Met Blog has committed a sin then since my site jumps from being a travel blog to a food blog to whatever I'm doing or liking blog. I guess that’s ok since it’s not technically a professional blog, but I do have a professional degree in writing and my blog has been around for over 2 years with a good deal of traffic and attention, so shouldn’t it be considered a 'professional' blog? It's just one covering unprofessional topics. Anyway, for those who’ve been here before know that although my blog topics can be considered random they do have my personal touch to them. I generally describe my posts as a telling of adventures, mishaps and observations in my life.  Enjoy.

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