Crazy package lady

Thursday, February 8, 2007

That's me. Or at least what my coworkers think of me. The reason for this is a combination of four things.

One, it's safer to have packages sent to my work, so I do. Second, I just moved out here and shipped a lot of stuff instead of hiring a cross-country mover and my mom still sends me things that I left back home and am in "dire" need of. Third, I have no problems using my credit card on the internet or ordering from a catalog, thus I'm more likely to buy stuff online then go to an actual store. I even use to order hand soap and once a Swifter Wet Jet. Oh, and I'm also addicted to eBay. Finally, It was just Christmas and my birthday and so my family was sending me stuff too. 

All of these reasons account for me receiving at least one package a week, which then causes comments and jokes from my coworkers. 

For example, I just bought the following L Shaped Shelves from The Company Store. They are on sale for 50% off. The box it arrived in at my office though was huge, due to all the packaging materials inside. The elevator operator who likes to also point out that I get a lot of stuff sent here, called out  that morning that I had a big package waiting upstairs. Thanks. Sometimes he'll deliver my boxes himself and then ask prying questions about my stuff.  Grr. 

The shelves came with a lot of screws and were a bitch to hang, but I think they look modern-retro in a fun way. Whatcha think? 

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