IV and the stomach flu

Monday, January 15, 2007

At 3 a.m. on Sunday I woke up to stomach pains and continued to throw up until the next day for a total of 7 times. I couldn't keep any substance down not even water and I had body aches, so around 5 p.m. I went to a 24 hour clinic. They had me waiting in the waiting room for awhile though, to the point where I was wishing I was just sleeping at home. Being the fainter that I am, I fainted on the floor in their hallway there, which although sucked did prompt my care from them. I was wheeled into a room and put on a cot after throwing up one last time.

The doctor said I probably had the stomach flu and that he already diagnosed seven other people today with the same thing. He ordered blood work to be done and an intravenous fluid to be put in. I was so dehydrated though that they couldn't draw blood, so they had to try in two areas. All the while I'm trying not to faint again from the needles and my body aches were feeling even worse by the fact that I was shaking uncontrollably. I was given two bags of I.V., which felt so weird and uncomfortable. I could literally feel the freezing liquid spread throughout me. They had to put an extra blanket on me. I was there for 4 hours. It was miserable and was taking forever. In the end I was told I had the a stomach virus after all and given a drug to stop the vomiting. I was also told to stay home from work and to keep hydrated. Now that it's not coming right back up, it's been easier to do.

I've slept most of today and last night. I don't recall ever sleeping so much, but I guess my body needs it since I keep doing it. *sigh* Hopefully I can get back to work tomorrow, but if I feel like I do today, I doubt I'd be able.

News: Stomach-churning virus on the rise, here and across the U.S.

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