It's a small blog world after all

Last Thursday, my Media Ethics class had a guest speaker, Jeff Jarvis who has a journalism career that's beyond impressive. He was a TV critic for People, TV Guide, had a column in San Francisco and now is a famous blogger,

Although I was captivated by his very animated lecture on blogging and the media, especially since I just started this blog, all I could think about while he was talking was "I think he was in Moonlighting." Of course I couldn't ask him if he was or not in class when all of my classmates were asking such intelligent questions about the FCC and niches.

Yes, I know the show aired back in 1986, but I remembered an episode during the highpoint of the TV series, which starred Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepard, that featured Jarvis as himself a TV Critic introducing the show and making fun of it. It was great, lol.

Every time he did a certain hand gesture I'd be like it's him, it's him! But since we didn't even talk about his experience as a TV critic, I knew it would be coming way out of left field if I asked him if he guest-starred on an 80s TV detective show. Yet, I was really dying to do just that, but it would be weird enough if I had asked the question never mind If I was wrong. I would have had to explain that there is someone who looked like him and why I was even thinking about the show in class in the first place, lol.

Anywho, I looked it up and it was indeed he, check the episode guide description HERE

Now here's the even funnier part--the famous blogger has blogged about the class and me, and I'm now blogging about it on my blog. Read Jarvis' post: Their tomorrow As for his discussion, like I said it was animated. I liked his view that blogs are like an open conversation and discussion and that it's all about linking to related articles and blogs for more information.

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