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Friday, December 8, 2006

Things I'm digging about Cali/LA so far

  • When filling out online forms, the California state option in the pull down menus are closer and requires less scrolling than selecting New York
  • The governor is a robot from the future
  • Beaches and bonfires
  • Cheaper drinks
  • Getting hit on while driving
  • Malls
  • Wearing flip flops and open toe shoes in December
  • Strangers are more pleasant, even cashiers
  • More fast food chains
  • Good Mexican food--but bad Italian :(
  • No rain
  • Palm tree lined streets
  • Living with my boyfriend
  • Being 3 hours behind (less information overload, but more emails)
  • Not lugging my groceries several city blocks and having my hands turn white from the plastic bags cutting my circulation off
  • More relaxed lifestyle
  • You only hear a siren once a week vs. once every 30 mins
  • Costco and Target are within reach
  • Playing softball after work in the "winter"

PS: My birthday is tomorrow and we are taking a quick trip to Temecula area for some wine tastings. That's another cool thing about being on the West Coast.  

My coworker and office roommate, Rachael, surprised me with a cake today at work with the guys here. Very sweet--the cake too.

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