Going retro, 80's style

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Last week I sported a very 80's ensemble. Why? No reason, just for the fun of it. I had black leggings on with a dark denim mini-skirt over it, and a black and red  tee paired with black denim looking arm warmers. Yes, arm warmers. My coworker said they were "dope."

I later spilled red wine on them though at the John Legend concert in Santa Barbara that Raphael and I attended after work. The concert itself was very romantic although there were a bunch of drunk college kids there.  We could have gone backstage before the show but we ended up getting there late since it was quite a long drive out there. 

I digress though, I got my arm warmers below at UpSox through their eBay store, but Urban Outfitters is also selling a cute pair of military colored, knit armwarmers too.


Link: 80's movie trivia game from Comedy Central-- it's harder than you'd think and I know my 80's films.

Infomercial: Should I buy this? Pasta Express Cooker 

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