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Monday, October 9, 2006

Mets apparently. My Yankees unfortunately didn't make it past the division series, but to any Red Sox readers at least they were there and won one game. So heart break aside, I went to Game 3 of the Mets vs. Dodgers playoffs at Dodger Stadium. I wore a shirt that said NY Baseball but left it ambiguous to which NY team I was a fan of. My boyfriend meanwhile was decked out in a Mets hat and Beltran shirt. We arrived in the 4th inning after sitting in traffic for an hour and a half on the stadium exit (see picture below). We had to listen to the first 3 runs being scored on the radio. We kept ourselves entertained though by beeping our car horn at guys running out to pee on the side of the road. Pretty funny. 

As we walked down the steps of the Top Deck to our seats, we were booed, jeered and had peanuts thrown at us. I wanted to yell that I wasn't even a Mets fan but saying I was a Yankees fan probably wouldn't have redeemed me. When they re-showed the Yankees/Tigers score up on the board, the whole place clapped at my Yanks loss. Grr. They were also cheering NY sucks when the Mets were playing. I felt offended, they should have been cheering Mets suck not the whole state of NY. So somewhere between a peanut hitting my head, my boyfriend being yelled at in the bathroom and the chanting, I started rooting for the Mets. After all, I've always felt if the Yankees couldn’t win (which isn’t normally the case) then at least lets keep it in New York. 

After they won and it was time to leave, my guy wisely put a jacket on over his jersey and put his sunglasses on top of his hat’s logo, but to no avail. We were still accosted verbally in the parking lot only a few feet from our car. I know, we were on their turf after all. 

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In other weekend news, I also went to the Grand Avenue Festival in downtown LA, where we got to sample some popular downtown restaurant eats for $5 a dish and hear the Hip Hop Orchestra, Dakah, play in the beautiful Walt Disney Concert Hall. The ensemble was amazing, I was gaping even. I'm usually bored by classical music but this was upbeat and creative.

I also made homemade apple sauce. I'm always amazed at how easy it is and how much better it tastes than the jar stuff. I prefer using McIntosh apples and was excited to finally see them at a Ralph’s super store after coming up empty at the farmers market in Santa Monica. I used about 4 peeled apples and one with the skin still on for coloring. I cut them up and put them in a pot with 3/4 cup of apple juice (most recipes recommend water but why not use juice or cider for extra flavor?). The apples will practically melt before your eyes, but you'll have to do some chopping with a wooden spoon. Then add in as much sugar and cinnamon as desired usually a 1/2 cup of sugar or less. My friend likes to add in a couple of red hot candies for extra coloring and spice. You could also add a splash of OJ for another zing to it. 
Here's a photo before the cinnamon was added and all the apple bits mashed some more:

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The three different tasters who feasted on my apple sauce all said it was great, I even used some as topping for pancakes the next morning, yum.

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