Bonfire of the Vanities

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usI went to my first beach bonfire last weekend. I guess it was my first bonfire in general though. It's activities like these that I imagined doing when thinking about California over on the East coast. Very Gidget and Beach Boys-ish. And not only was it a beach bonfire but it was a Halloween beach bonfire too, so mostly everyone in our group was in costume. Raphael and I went as Spartan Cheerleaders from the SNL sketch, which works Perfect since I happen to be Cheri Oteri height. 

 You don't have to build a pit or use a metal trash bin for the fire, since the beach has several stone pits already placed in the sand for loading of wood and paper into the hallows for burning. We had arrived when it was light out and played some beach volleyball (I'm getting better) and ended with grilling meat and roasting marshmallows by the fire. Add in some contraband jello shots, punch, candy and beer and it was a festive night. If it wasn't for the warmth from the bonfire I would have been freezing, but my bare feet were still numb from the cold sand. The Pacific water felt warm in comparison.

I went home smelling of firewood and smoke as if I spent an evening at a cabin and not a night on the beach in Los Angeles, my sandy feet though proved otherwise.

Oh and my blog headline reflects the Tom Wolfe novel and was not used to infer that any of us at the bonfire are vain :p

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