What I did Labor Day Weekend

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Went to the famous annual Barney Warehouse Sale and all I got was this lousy photo of a sign hanging on the wall, which I thought was fun

Had a facial and exfoliation for only $33.50 at the Christine Valmy school for beauty. Students get to practice on your skin and you get to feel pampered and clean for cheap. My face was glowing the rest of the day. I didn't fall asleep since I was practically interviewing the technician. I learned from her that you should only try to perform extractions (removing blackheads or popping pimples) after you opened your face with steam, otherwise you can bruise, scar and irritate your skin. Also, facial scrubs like Apricot Scrub can actually scratch your skin because the granules are too big. Thus, the thinner and gentler the scrub the better, I reccomend SkinMilk. I figured the harder the better, but my bad. Another tip learned was that Chamomile is good for relaxing tension. Because my shoulders were tense she suggested I try taking a hot bath with a cup of brewed chamomile tea, which is also good for your feet apparently.

Visited the MoMa to see the galleries of Warhol, Monet and Picasso along with a new exhibit called Out of Time. I took a up-close shot of Van Gogh's Starry Night (my favorite) with my camera phone and it's now my phone's wallpaper. Also snapped this photo:

Fainted before the weekend started.  

Randomly met three Aussie's at one of my favorite restaurant's, Nero, after I jokingly jumped into their photo. Went with them to One, G2 (where we did shots of Sicilian Kiss) and Lotus (where I was able to have us all go to the front of the line via a complimentary card that I had; I got in free but the guys had to pay, either way though we didn't have to wait outside in the rain.) Hung over the next day and cried a bit that night (drama queen). 

Found a new favorite red wine from the Valpolicella region, Solane.

Rode a NY Water Taxi for the first time and went to Long Island City to Water Taxi Beach, where I got schooled in volley ball but had a fun time playing. The views of the city from there were beautiful.

PS: Did I mention my baby is in town? Thus, all the fun.

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