The Ultimate Road Trip

Friday, June 30, 2006

So I've been seeing someone special for almost five months now. I know, I didn't write about it sooner, what can I say? I'm sneaky like that. In my defense though he's been mentioned in my blog, just not directly, you probably assumed I went to that trip to Philly with Stef or some other girlfriend. Here's the catch though, because of course there has to be one, he's moving to Los Angeles this week (I know, everyone seems to be moving lately). His company is going to make him partner, but only if he's on the other coast. At least he's lived there before so he has friends out there and he's rented a place right near the beach in Venice.

I'm going to miss him and have been dreading his move date for months now. I'm taking the holiday week off and driving with him cross country to his new hood though.

We leave this afternoon in a Sebring Convertible, hitting Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago (seeing my cousin), St. Louis and heading down to El Paso again for 4th of July and then up to LA plus all the places along the way. Yes, it's ambitious, but we hope to be in LA by Thursday the 6th and I'm flying back on Sunday the 9th and will be back to work on the 10th.

I am excited for the trip despite the bittersweet circumstances. Although, I do fear I might get killed along the way for talking too much, which could easily happen--me talking a lot I mean, not him killing me.

Even though I hate when people compare me to Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City since her character annoys me at times, especially the desperation part, yet I'm actually going to make a SATC reference to my life. I feel like when Mr. Big leaves for California and although Carrie wants to join him she says she loves New York too much and I also worry if I do go If I'd be lost and lonely like her when she went to Paris, *sigh* time will tell--I'm the Queen of wishful thinking.

Anyway, happy thoughts, I will be recording parts of my trip and keeping you updated on the trek when ever I can. There's a phone blogging feature with my blog host, I just have to figure it out, not sure if it will post photos that I take too, but we'll see. I'm sure we'll pass Internet cafes and stuff too though.

On a happy note: I'm doing a trip that I've always wanted to take and am seeing the nation plus having an adventure.

Sad note: My friend is moving to California.

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