A weighty issue

Friday, April 7, 2006

Among my girls there seems to be varying opinions on whether or not you loose or gain weight when starting a new relationship.

There's the common idea that new lovers are too in love to eat (um haven't had that happen) and there is also the idea that someone is now seeing you naked so that makes you keep in shape (been there), thus at a start of a relationship you are at your best.

I was just watching a rerun of Frasier and Daphne Moon tells the Cranes that she's already experiencing the 3 signs of being in love, she says, "I'm not eating, I find myself thinking about him all the time and buying new underwear." :)

My friend though, pointed out the flip side by saying that when you're dating you are eating out all the time and or drinking. Thus, you're actually gaining weight because you're happy and don't care about mundane things like working out or have the time to fit going to the gym in your even busier schedule. There's also the bedroom activities that can help work up an appetite, but then again you're also burning calories too. I guess the debate continues. What do you think?

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