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Monday, April 17, 2006

So yesterday was definitely an eventful and strange night. It started when I got home and I heard a man in a very high pitched voice yell "Fire, Fire!" in my back courtyard area, followed by a lot of barking and then a smoke alarm beeping. Smoke was emitting out the back door two doors down from me. Soon there were fire trucks being heard in the distance. My friend Stef had just arrived so we closed the window and went outside in time to see all the trucks and firemen arrive and go into action. They even extended the latter to the roof, not sure why, when the fire was on the ground floor, must be a precaution. When I got back that night all was well, my building still standing etc, just a very burnt mattress lying on the street outside. hmmm

Then Stef and I decided to try out the sports bar Woody Mchales, which I pass all the time on 14th Street. I had shared a cab with one of the bar's investors when coming back from the airport after my trip to Nassau a few weeks ago. As luck would have it, he was there that night too. And odder still, it turns out he's Stef's neighbor out in Mahwah, Jersey but they never met before. While there in the cozy ski cabin like bar I managed to consume two very awesome Key Lime martini's in an hour and some creamy mac and cheese. I recommend highly, it's very casual and fun, i'd like to watch a game there some time.

We then headed to our main purpose that night...wait for it... a Bedroom Confidence/Sex Workshop for women only, sponsored by Moxie In the City, a singles network. Although I don't think we needed the confidence part, but we did learn a few um tricks and techniques. We had heard about Moxie in a listserv and figured, what the heck? I'm always up for learning something new after all and thankfully it wasn't skeevy at all or too detailed. Instead the "class" was very mature, professional and provided a fun night out in the downstairs of Redemption Lounge. Although the discussion wasn't earth shattering or anything, it still proved interesting.

I especially liked the easy manor of the instructor, Christan Marashio, who is also the owner & creator of Moxie which formed last year. She shared her experiences and research comically and honestly. (See Christan, and you thought I was going to bash the event on my blog ;) Oh another coincidence is that when we were talking after the workshop I mentioned that a friend of mine had done their Singles Intro to Italian mixer a few months ago and she remembered him once I said his first name. Moxie also has a dating-related blog, check it out at Sex & Moxie.

Some giggles later, on our way back on the E the train, the train suddenly stopped at 42nd. According to the announcement a sick passenger was on the platform and was too close to the track for us to proceed. 15 mins later, behind closed doors, passengers complained that we couldn't get out to catch the train across the tracks and Stef was starting to get claustrophobic. After 10 cops quickly passed by and two firemen, the doors finally opened and everyone fled to the express train waiting for us, but onlookers still had enough time to see a collapsed man that no one was touching and whose head seemed way too close to an open subway door. I'm not sure if he got hit or just fell when the doors open, I'll check the news later on. Either way it was very unsettling. So that was another twist on the night.

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