Festivals and Flowers

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Some exciting news, I'm going to be covering the Tribeca Film Festival, which starts on Monday on behalf of Film School Rejects. The approval process to be on the press list was a bit extensive, lots of faxes and emails but I got my confirmation a few weeks ago and I just picked up my press pass and packet this afternoon down on Varick Street. Unfortunately most of the press & industry screenings take place during the day while I'm at work, but I'll be attending some night shows, panels and weekend events. I can also screen different videos in their private screening libraries, so I can still see any of the films that I really want to see. I'll report back if I see anything great or meet any celebs. Warning: If I see Robert DeNiro, I just might faint. Can't wait.

Although it's miserable and cold out the flowers are still in bloom, especially at the The 26th annual New York international Orchid Show in Rockefeller Center. The show is inside a high pitched tent over where the ice rink usually sits, entry fee is $5. Inside are winning orchid breeds from around the world in lots of colors, styles in ornate displays. There were some that you simply wouldn't believe were orchids, because they were so different, tiny or in unusual colors, like this one.

The attendees were not what I was expecting though. I figured there would be tourists, florists and there was, but I didn't expect how ruthless and cutthroat these orchid viewers would be. I was getting taken out by photographers and shoved and elbowed by grannies who wanted a closer look. Take a look at how this dude is aggresively holding his flyer like some Orchid hit man and getting in my photo. For the most part I saw every orchid by spotting them from weird angles and bobbing over people's heads. Escaping with our lives, we headed to the gift shop where you can by your own orchid plants to take home in many varieties. I was going to shell out the $20 price tag, but knew it would be a waste since the only plant I've been able to keep alive in my apartment is an aloe plant, which is essentially a cactus. I must say though, that sucker has outgrown two clay pots and is thriving. Speaking of Orchid's though Master Foley has tainted my view a bit in his latest post, lol.

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