Movin on up

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Today was an all around good day for me, especially career wise. I arranged for two briefings with two different InfoWorld reporters for one of my clients. Then found out during my 90-day review at my new PR firm that I was being promoted. So, I'm no longer an Assistant Account Executive but an Account Executive. I was hoping to get this promotion by my sixth month review since I was on my way to becoming at AE at my previous company, so was very pleased, honored and excited to achieve this promotion sooner rather than later.

I was already having dinner with friends coming in from Tennessee and my NY girls that evening so I was ecstatic to be able to share my good news with them. I toasted with a glass of red at dinner with my fabulous lasagna that I had and then a glass of champagne at Bar Veloce. Cheers!

My mother meanwhile was also in the city on business and having a field day at Clinique picking up stuff for the both of us at 40% off thanks to her new candidate that works at Clinique's marketing department and receives an employee discount. I can't wait to see the goodies she picked out for me during her next visit.

PS: Back in December I blogged about being in the audience during George Clooney's speech at NYU on his now Oscar nominated film Good Night and Good Luck and journalism in general. Well, now you too can watch the 55 min panel HREF=""here

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