Like a bull in a comic bookstore

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Awhile ago I wrote a post about how there's this 70's cartoon called "Tara and the Dark Continent." I had found the comic on eBay last year only to discover the super heroine is more like a porn star saving the jungle in pasties, lol. Anyway, it's still a cool cover and I keep meaning to get it framed for my apartment but it's not a typical slim comic book size but more like a magazine. It's too large for the 8x10 frames that they sell so I figured maybe a comic bookstore could help me out.
There's one above a 99 cent store on 14th Street near the subway I take. You have to ring a bell to be let in and then walk up a flight of stairs. As soon as I entered the store I never felt more out of place. The guy behind the counter gave me an angry look and the little boys flipping through the racks of comics stopped and stared as if I was infiltrating a private club. If they only knew I am a Star Wars and Superman buff, but that's neither here nor there. Unfortunately the employee said they do not sell the size frame that I was looking for and he pretty much made me feel stupid for even asking, it was amusing actually. He did recommend me buying a large frame and cut the matting myself since he said my comic wouldn't be worth framing. So, my hunt continues.
Do you believe it's December already?

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