Reasons why I've stopped seeing some guys

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

• Bad kisser, big time, I mean it was like an octopus' suction cups or something

• Had bad breath

• Didn't know what speak easy's are or about prohibition

• Too short

• Smoked

• Selfish

• Cried at movies while my eyes were dry

• Wouldn't call or meet when they said they would

• They were Red Sox fans. Just kidding, actually unfortunately for me, most guys I date are Sox lovers and give me crap for being a Yankees fan a.k.a. a winner ;) At least they like baseball though, better than no interest in the sport.

Do you have any real interesting ones???
PS: My partially exposed breasts are now in the blogger Boobiethon for breast cancer. Donate or send your photo.

News: My former press ethics graduate professor at NYU wrote the following article Me Against My Students. You'd have to be an idiot to try and plagerize in his class, afterall he's the Forbes reporter who caught Stephen Glass' fabricated articles.

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