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Saturday, October 15, 2005

A friend of mine says it's disrespectful if a guy calls you while driving. She says it's just an afterthought and that they are simply fitting you into their schedule when it's convenient for them. Calling while walking or driving also gives them the excuse not to give you their full attention. She thinks they are simply bored while in transit and that it shows that you are not worthy of a call from their home, during their personal time.

I get what she's saying and it makes some sense. I personally save my important calls for when I'm alone in my apt and won't be disturbed, and make the calls that I'm obligated to make while walking to and from the subway. Then again, maybe returning calls while commuting can make you seem like you're on the go and cooler than you are? Maybe, she's got me over analyzing!

Either way, she got me thinking of my recent relationships and the phone calls that I received. And most are usually while my guys were driving. The engine and the turned down radio could be heard in the background of their voice mails. Even during a live call, they'd sometimes stop the conversation to mention traffic, or some jerk that is tailgating them or just cut them off. I know my mother always calls me when she's on the road, because she doesn't like the isolation and uses me as her phone whore.

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