Just in time to be too late

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

I took the local subway train to work today, since I was too lazy to continue to wait on the crowded platform for the express to arrive. Especially after having just missed the express by mere seconds due to a woman in high heels who decided to take up the whole stairway tiptoeing and teetering down the steps. I swear I almost pushed her down them. I don't mind if people want to take their time and are not in a rush, that's dandy, but then they should not be standing in the middle of the steps blocking traffic. Simply move to the side and continue walking, while letting the rest of us frustrated commuters pass. I missed the closing doors by a fraction of a second, they literally closed in front of my face. I felt like I was in the movie Sliding Doors.

Make Your Own Search Engine:

Just click on the photo and then "Google Logo Maker" and then you can have a personalized Google search page whenever you open IE or Firefox.

For Just in Case...

Since no one programs the word "husband" or "sister" into their cell phone, rescue workers waste precious time sifting through a patient's phone book in cases of emergency. In the wake of the London tubestation bombings, a national campaign was launched to get Brits to add the acronym ICE (for "in case of emergency) before the name of their closest friend or relative or simply add an ICE contact in your address book along with your usual contact names. You should also make sure your emergency contact knows your medical conditions, allergies and what medications you are on if any. For more info read the MSNBC article ICE could save your life.

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