Tara the Slouch

Friday, August 19, 2005

Growing up I was often complimented for my good posture, my mother never had to tell me to stop slouching or to sit up straight etc. Although she would often yell at me for sitting on my legs in weird twists and turns, I still do that too. I remember having a teacher or two comment, "that can't be comfortable" when I'd sit all twisted and pretzel like on the small hard wooden chair table things at school, lol. I think I do it to be taller though.

Anywho, back to the posture part. Although I never had a problem with it before it seems that I have been slouching a lot lately and when my mother and I were out to dinner she now said, "sit up, stop leaning over like that." It's true though, I can feel myself hunching over a lot lately. I hate this and now that I'm more conscious of it I see that I do it especially at work when bending over my keyboard to type. So this last week I've been making an effort to sit up straight and walk tall, etc. My back actually hurts as a result of keeping my back rim rod straight when it wants to slouch instead.

Even the big personal trainer dude at the gym mentioned I was slouching when doing some of the exercises. That was the last straw; I plan to do something about it. He suggested at night for 2 minutes I stand up against a wall, with my heels and head touching the flat surface and stand straight. He also said when walking I should stick my chest out, but I wouldn't want to poke someone's eye out or anything ;) hehe, just kidding. But it does make me look as if I'm strutting and thrusting my breasts out for attention, grr not cool. I'm sure doing my yoga classes again would help too.

Article: Posture checklist A good posture can greatly improve and prevent back problems. Try to follow these simple rules and your back will be grateful forever.

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