My Morning: Carol Channing and Shelley Long

Monday, August 15, 2005

I often meet interesting characters while walking to and from places in the city. This morning was no exception. There was this elderly African American man, with a scraggly beard, dressed in shabby clothes, revealing that he was most likely homeless. He was carrying two large garbage bags and muttering "Carol Channing is garbage." Now, I don't know if he said Ms. Channing is garbage or that he had her garbage. I'm not certain, but the Carol Channing and garbage part was crystal clear. And of all the pseudo celebs to be muttering about, why her? LOL it was weird.

And while I was getting ready for work this morning Troop Beverly Hills was on TBS. As I watched over a bowl of Lucky Charms, I recalled the time I met Shelley Long in LA. A few years ago I had went to a taping of her failed WB show Kelly Kelly. It was pretty cute actually, but it didn't make it. Anyway, after the taping I sort of took my time leaving the audience area and waved hello to her, she waved back and so I asked her for an autograph explaining how I loved watching Troop Beverly Hills Growing up and The Money Pit. She signed my notebook and nicely chatted with me for a bit and even introduced me to her younger daughter who was on the set. In the episode I watched she had to do a fencing scene and Long mentioned that she had learned how to fence years ago when filming Outrageous Fortune with Bette Middler. So that's my Shelley Long story.

Oh and while I'm on a Shelley Long note, I was also a fan of the corny movie Don't Tell Her it's Me with Steve Guttenberg and Jami Gertz, however for some reason the DVD has been renamed The Boyfriend School. How weird is that? I don't get it.

Product Review: On an unrelated note, I had a $1 off coupon for Listerine Whitening mouth wash so I bought it. I like the blue mint one, and I thought this would be awesome cuz it could whiten too, but this stuff is horrible. It leaves an icky after taste. I have to rinse my mouth out with water afterward, otherwise if you swallow just some, it's very disgusting. It's like drinking peroxide. Hopefully it is at least whitening my teeth, but I'm not using it twice a day like it says to since it's so nasty. Beware!

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