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Monday, August 29, 2005

Apparently people think I need some dating help, because for some reason I keep receiving singles books. Gee thanks, lol. I got a copy of Dating in America during a taping of The Tony Danza Show and then the author of How to Survive Dating kindly sent me a copy of her book and finally a friend and non-fiction guru gave me Why Men Prefer Bitches. Here are my reviews and what I thought was most useful:

The It's Just Lunch Guide to Dating in America by Andrea McGinty is quite long and tries to get the reader to join their nationwide dating service for "real" results. No thank you. However, lots of fun tips can be found in this book like first date ideas with actual locations in major cities to grab lunch, coffee, etc. Granted I didn't read this book cover to cover or beyond the first date part, but here is what I found most useful from the first section. First dates should be something that requires an activity or doing something new for both of you so you can share a new experience and have some fun doing something you normally would not do, like attempting a rock climbing wall, seeing a new exhibit, etc. I also like the book's philosophy that "it's just lunch." As in, do not put too much pressure on a first date or the first couple of meetings, just go in with the attitude that it's just lunch and cest le vie, which has always been my policy. The book also advises that you should never turn down a date with a reasonable man or woman. You should always go out on the date because you never know. And if anything, it keeps you in practice and can help you fine tune your skills for the real thing.

Book #2 How to Survive Dating: By Hundreds of Happy Singles Who Did and Some Things to Avoid from a Few Broken Hearts Who Didn't. Despite the how to in the title this book is not a guide but a collection of horror stories and success stories to learn from. There are quotes from singles and people in relationships from all over America and their experiences. Lots of their advice and confessions are simple and heartfelt, others are also really amusing in the I'm glad that wasn't me sense. One woman tells a story about how she went for coffee with a guy and when the bill came to the table he scrutinized it for several minutes and then said to her, "your half is $5.50." In response she scoops up the check saying "I don't do halves" and pays for the bill in full herself. There are lots of dating situations like these as well as recommendations for first dates and how not to scare someone off. Some of the advice they give are no-brainers, but the book goes really quickly just skipping from one bold quote and cartoon to another. A single friend of mine from college particularly liked reading the different entries when visiting my place this summer.

Last but not least, there is this gem by Sherry Argov, Why Men Prefer Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl-A Woman's Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship. This book is hysterical and a really quick read. I did not plan on reading the whole thing, since I can never seem to read through most self-help books in their entirety, but with this one, I wanted to keep reading. The advice is simple and tells women to value their self first and be confident, then the men will follow or not, whatever. I like this more empowered take and really appreciated the humor.

Take a look at this quote:
"After a couple of dates, he goes out with the boys, comes in at midnight, calls her, and off she goes to see him. When a woman drives to see a man in the middle of the night, the only thing missing is a neon sign on the roof of her car that says WE DELIVER." lol!

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