Sweet Charity

Saturday, June 4, 2005

Yesterday, I went to see the musical "Sweet Charity" at the Al Hershfeild theater with my friend Farrah, who is visiting from New Orleans and Karen (this is her third time seeing it).

Despite the delays and problems surrounding this production, I have been really excited to see it since I heard "Sweet Charity" was coming to Broadway. I always liked the original Neil Simon film with Shirley McLaine. This time in the role of Charity is the talented Christina Applegate, who was adorable and did a great job playing the naive and hopeful dance hall hostess looking for love in the 60s. She was even nominated for Tony for her performance, although she did not win.

Songs include "Hey, Big Spender," "Rhythm of Life" and "If My Friend's Could See Me Now!"

The set was very colorful and had lots of nightlife lights and 1960s flair, but the wonderful choreographed dancing took center stage.

For me, the two hours really flew by and not once did I look at my watch. Instead, I was actually shocked when it was the final scene already.

PS: We saw Julia Stiles outside with this reddish haired guy, they looked like they were just friends tho. She was seated in the Orchestra rows too, so we saw her again during intermission. She was late getting back to her seat, so more people noticed her because of that. She was shorter than I expected, but looked very pretty with wavy shoulder length blonde hair.

PPS: Afterwards went to The Lobby for the first time and met up with 3 friends for sort of a mini high school reunion. One of them, Carolyn, I hadn't seen in four years. The place was fun and packed, we danced to Hip Hop and had a few drinks. I was tipsy going home on the subway and talked to a guy on the platform--one of the only times I wasn't eager to see the train come.

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