The C Word

Friday, June 10, 2005

Like most women, I'm not a fan of the C word. I think we are programed to cringe when hearing it. Yet, women do use it when referring to other women. Is this liberating? I don't know, I just can't do it myself. Not that I don't curse like a sailor, but I still cannot bring myself to use that word in an argument.

I have a girlfriend that randomly uses the word 'twat' in conversation and it makes my eyes go wide, but it also makes me laugh. I guess it's all in how it's used.

I digress. Yesterday, I was walking with a friend on Bleeker Street in the West Village, not too far away from my apartment and this woman walking a little yappy dog rams right into me like she's a lineman from the Packers. My friend gasped and she wasn't even hit. Yet, this Paris Hilton wannabe looked at me like I was the rudest person for being in her way and walking in a straight line. She then calls me the C word in a British accent, which I think was fake. Despite having lived in London for 6 months, I didn't understand her.

I had thought she called me someone's name, like she thought she knew me or something. Not that anyone is really named Colt. So here I am thinking, or she has mistaken me from somebody named Colt and walked into me in confusion. In all sincerity, I respond "Did you say my name?" My friend gasps again and the woman huffs away, her dog squirming in front of her.

My friend who is now laughing goes, "Good come back!" Still clueless, I say "what?" My friend repeats that it was a good response to her calling me the C word. A sea of red filled my eyes and I freak out going, that *bleep* called ME a C---? I almost ran after her.

I calmed down a bit with some Tasty Delight (only 10 calories and it actually tastes good) but the nerve of her! Ramming into me and then calling a stranger that. Some people!

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