Strangers in the Night

Monday, May 2, 2005

On Jane Street under pink magnolia trees:
Friend: You ever wonder how many times we have walked around this island?
Me: In Super Size Me it says the average New Yorker walks about 9 to 13 miles a day, that's 2,500/3,000 steps.
Friend: Really?
Me: So it said.
Friend: You ever think about if we've passed a future boyfriend or husband with all the people we pass in those "3,000" steps a day?
Me: Not really, I'm usually thinking if one day I'll be living in one of the beautiful apartments that I pass. Like the ones with built in bookshelves that you can see through the windows when their curtains are up. Or one with beautiful stone walk-up steps. Will it have a view of the Hudson--
Friend: or the East river?
Both: *sigh*
Me: ha ha, I'm such a romantic.
Friend: (laughs) Practical. The apartment will probably be around longer than a lover.
Me: Especially if it's rent control.

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