Altar Boyz: Off-Broadway

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Last night my friend Mike was kind enough to bring me to the awesome off-Broadway show, Altar Boyz. It's SO funny!! It's about a group of singers from Ohio who form a pop-group and go across the country to cleanse evil souls and preach about God or as they say G.O.D.

Each character embodies a certian archetype of a pop-star. There is the Justin Timberlake leader, the Enrique Iglesias/Ricky Martin guy, the rapping white dude, the still in-the-closet Clay Aiken type (who stole the show), and the talented Jewish song writer and singer with wacky gelled hair. Each one was amazing!

The songs were very original and hilarious, as well as the corny choreography that mocks N'Sync and other boy bands while putting in Catholic gestures.

One song is called, "Girl You Make Me Want to Wait" (which he sings to a woman picked out of the audience) and "Jesus, Called Me On My Cell Phone."

The theater is on 50th Street so it's not that far off Broadway and its an amazing space. Very modern, like you are going to an art gallery.

I enjoyed the show from the minute they walked out on stage and I urge everyone to go see it if they have the chance. Tickets are pretty reasonable too.

Review: N'Sync meets Nunsense, with the apostles of pop: Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan and Abraham!

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