It's that time again!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

If you thought Cadbury Cream Eggs, DING! We are on the same page.

Because one of my favorite things about Easter time are Cadbury Cream Eggs. The original ones, not the carmel ones because let's face it they are just an egg shaped Rolo. And why buy the chocolate-chocolate ones when you can just get a chocolate bar
to begin with. You cannot, however, buy the glorious cream ones in any other form.
In college my friends would buy them for me knowing how I love them so. Since they are only on sale once a year, I horde these tasty cream eggs, but then sometimes I wait to long to eat them and the chocolate goes stale :( My own fault. They also sell mini cadbury eggs now too, but BEWARE they are not as good, go for the normal size.
When I lived in London for six months I was in Cadbury heaven since they sell the treats all year long as well as the whole Cadbury line. But then when Cadbury was the only option, I started to miss Hershey's. Thus, I'll never be satisfied on either side of the pond ;)

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