Hope & Faith Taping

Saturday, March 5, 2005

I went to a studio taping of the ABC TV show Hope & Faith, starring Kelly Ripa and Faith Ford, which by the way is one of the only TV series to tape in New York City...well, Queens to be exact. It's at Silver Cup Studios, where The Sopranos and Sex and The City were/are filmed. I actually had been to a taping there before, but this time it was more fun because the cast kept messing up their lines and were joking around a lot. Kelly's gorgeous husband, Mark Consuelos was on the set too, so it was fun seeing him hanging around, he even hugged a lucky female fan in the audience.

The cast all get along really well. Faith and Kelly would hug a lot and joke around. Also, actor Ted McGinley (Married with Children, Love Boat) would tease the younger kids on the show and Ripa. And during set changes they would play disco songs and dance with each other while reading lines, it was cute.

One audience member asked Ripa how she was able to do her morning show with Regis, be a mom and do Hope & Faith, and she jokingly replied "I take uppers, sir."

Another woman called out to her saying that she missed watching her on "All My Children" and wondered when she would be back on the soap. Ripa said she actually hadn't been asked back yet.

Hope & Faith airs on Friday nights at 9pm EST on ABC (I DVR it since I'm never home) and is the highest rated comedy on Friday evenings.

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