Finders Keepers

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Usually in the city It's not amazing the things that people throw away but what people actually owned in the first place.

My windows look over a shared courtyard, where the building's garbage bins are located. Over the last few months I've spotted a big ugly teddy bear, dirty cabinets, weird textbooks on massage techniques, New Kids On the Block cassettes, rusted weights and many other crappy things.

Today was different though, outside was a modern looking red sofa chair. I happen to have a red chenille coach, so after inspecting the chair and finding it suitable, I lug the thing up to my apartment. There was a brief episode of it being wedged in my door, but I managed.
I forgot how small my place is, because this chair that once looked tiny outside is gigantic inside my room. I gave it a quick scrub before putting it in the corner near my bookshelf. Yes, that's my thighmaster peeking out from underneath. The pillow I already had on my coach, it's hiding a tear in the fabric of the chair.

Do you think it looks ok? Too crowded? Is it weird that I don't know who owned the chair before?

PS: today DSW was giving away umbrellas with purchase, and I just so happened to have bought these cute Steve Madden pink pumps on my way home, thus I now have a mini DSW umbrella. It's supposed to rain tomorrow too. The shoes looked like these but in pale pink colors.

News: Cost of Necessities Rises in New York Oh great! Like I needed an article to tell me this.

etc: here are some more photos of my little studio.

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