5 Easy Tips for Staying Fit While on a Cruise

Cruises get a bad rap when it comes to food and gaining weight. People often joke that you come off weighing more than you did when you went on.

You may be picturing cattle lines to the buffet, but that's an outdated image. You can actually be quite active while on a cruise.

I've gone on 10 and 15-day cruises and have been able to maintain my current weight and still have fun... and eat extremely well by following these five simple rules.

5 Easy Tips for Not Gaining Weight on a Cruise & Still Have Fun

  1. Take the stairs, no matter if you're going up or down one deck or eight. Bonus, you'll avoid the lines and waiting around for an elevator to arrive and get a workout in the process.
  2. Book adventurous shore excursions. From hiking to biking there are more options than just going around on a motor bus. During an Alaskan cruise, we had an amazing tour on kayaks where we spotted bald eagles, saw a salmon hatchery and more. We definitely earned our dinner that day. With Princess Cruises, each shore excursion lists the activity level from easy, moderate to difficult.

    Kayaking in Alaska
  3. Have breakfast in bed and skip the buffet. To avoid temptation, we fill out the breakfast card in our cabin the night before and hang it on our stateroom door for a healthy meal to be delivered to our room in the morning. The choices on the card usually are minimal and include things like yogurt, cereal, and fresh fruit. We also use this delivery as our wakeup call each morning.

    Take advantage of a continental breakfast in bed

    Room service on cruises are typically free, so why not take advantage? You can order a pot of tea or coffee too and have it on your balcony if you have one. Same goes for lunch. Instead of an over the top buffet, we usually go for another lunch option in the cafe, dining room or the grill area if they have it. When we have less options, we tend to not overeat. Plus, the dinner buffet is usually the best, but even then we tend to opt for eating in the dining room for a more luxurious and fine dining experience.
  4. Do a lap or two around the walking track at sunrise or sunset. It's great for breathing in the fresh sea air, taking photos, and can help those feeling seasick

    Take in the views from the walking and jogging track

  5. Go to the gym on at-sea days. The funny thing is that I don't hit the gym when I'm at home, but I do while cruising. It's usually never crowded and peddling on an elliptical that looks over the ocean isn't much of a hardship. 

5 Easy Tips for Not Gaining Weight on a Cruise & Still Have Fun

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