10 VIP Animal Kingdom Tips & Secrets

Think you’ve seen it all at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Think again! Covering 500 acres and divided into seven themed areas, it’s actually the largest Disney theme park in the world. I recently went to the theme park for the third time and still made several new discoveries.
10 VIP Animal Kingdom Secrets
10 VIP Animal Kingdom Secrets 
If you’ve visited Animal Kingdom before, it’s time to head back. There are new discoveries throughout Disney World’s largest park. Below are 10 VIP must-see Disney secrets and tips for your next visit to Animal Kingdom with or without kids.

Animal Kingdom Secrets & Tips

  1. There is a second, less frequented entrance to the theme park at the rear of the Rainforest Cafe gift shop. This is a great way to avoid early morning lines at the main entrance.
  2. Go in the morning if you want to spot the most animals on the Kilimanjaro Safari jeep ride; however, go in the afternoon to avoid the crowds. We arrived at the theme park at 2 p.m. when many people were ending their visit, and by 5 p.m. the wait times on popular rides were under 20 minutes.
  3. Speaking of the Kilimanjaro Safaris, don’t just ride this once. Each tour guide shares different stories and you can see different animals at any given time. I’d recommend starting and ending your visit to Animal Kingdom by going on this amazing up-close and personal, African animal safari trek. Also, impress your fellow riders by pointing out that the pond where the flamingos are in is a hidden Mickey.
    Kilimanjaro Ride at Animal Kingdom Tips & Secrets
    View from the Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. 
  4. It’s reported that there are 27 hidden Mickeys in the park. Sorry, I did not go looking for them outside the above-mentioned pond and a few others.
  5. There are approximately 320 animals carved into the Tree of Life, which is not a real tree of course.
  6. Watch where you’re stepping. Look down and you’ll notice leaf impressions, mud cracks and animal prints along the walkways. See how many you can spot.
  7. You can get a grown-up version of the famous Walt Disney World treat – Dole Whip – with rum and without the wait at Tamu Tamu in Africa. It’s the adult version and just as satisfying and refreshing on a hot day.
    Minnie Mouse water art by entrance
    Animal Kingdom Secret  water art 
  8. Outside the entrance of the theme park there are cast members with a bucket and broom appearing to be cleaning up trash, but they are actually there to delight guests with drawing water art on the pavement of classic Disney characters. Cast member Brittany drew us a large Minnie Mouse!
  9. Tea lovers like me can rejoice in finding specialty loose leaf tea instead of the standard tea bags at the Royal Anandapur Tea Company stand in the Asia section of the park. Also, remember to grab a park-only exclusive Animal Kingdom Starbucks ‘You Are Here” collectible mug before you leave.
  10. The Boneyard and DIG site is a giant playzone in DinoLand U.S.A. that’s ideal for toddlers to let off some steam and run around and have fun.

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