Mamarazzi Event with Alison Sweeney & Valspar Paint

I was finally able to meet The Biggest Loser host and Days of our Lives' actress Alison Sweeney in person at a recent Mamarazzi event by The Moms. I write 'finally,' because I've actually interviewed her previously, but only over the phone (post here) and I heard her once speak at The Women's Conference.  Ali was there celebrating her new novel "Scared Scriptless."

It was a rainy chilly day in the City and I particularly admired her black sweater that was all business in the front with a party of see-through lace in the back. Very sophisticated, yet sexy. I asked her where she got it and she said at Nordstrom by Theory. Sadly with the change in seasons I couldn't find it online for purchase anymore.

She was very sweet in real life and I particularly liked that she also has the habit of quoting random movie lines like I do. Here we are posing together:
The get together was sponsored by Valspar Paint at ACE Hardware, which had bright color paint swatches scattered around the room, which actually doubled as a fun decoration. I nabbed a few fun blues and greens for inspiration when painting our new home (more to come on that news in a future post).

I also learned that Valspar provides a guarantee and if you don't like how the color looks on your wall you can return it for a new can of paint. Wow, love that! Especially since colors always look different on your walls than it does on a swatch.
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