Emergency Roadside Kit Giveaway - Goodbye Junk in the Trunk

I admit, I have junk in the trunk. Literally.

According to a new survey by State Farm® and KRC Research, more than 60 percent of drivers had some sort of “junk” (non-emergency supplies) in their trunk ranging from extra clothes and shoes to used food or drink containers.

I checked and my car has an unused Yoga mat, TOMS Shoes, socks, re-usable bags, a deflated medicine ball and other crap.

However, with winter storms on the horizon bringing snow, ice, poor visibility and slick roads, drivers could be stuck in an emergency if they only have junk in their trunks instead of emergency must-haves. Here are the essential roadside supplies everyone should have in their cars:
  1. Jumper cables 
  2. Spare tire 
  3. Hazard triangle/road flares 
  4. Flashlight 
  5. First aid kit 
  6. Water 
  7. Blanket 
Turns out, I only have three of the above-- a blanket, flashlight and spare tire. Although, the flashlight needs new batteries, so I'm glad I checked.

You can be more prepared though thanks to State Farm. They are allowing me to giveaway an emergency roadside kit complete with a State Farm duffle bag that includes jumper cables, road flares, flashlight, first aid kit, blanket and more. Enter below. Good luck!
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