Tips for throwing Mad Men-style dinner parties

Back during the Mad Men era, people had great dinner parties, but it’s a lost art today.

Kitchen Moxie is out to change that, to hark back to the days of great conversation over a wonderful meal with friends – yet modified for today’s lifestyle to keep the host and hostess out of the kitchen as much as possible.

“This is old-school social networking,” says Tracey Doull, Kitchen Moxie’s founder. “We get so caught up in texting, e-mailing and on Facebook and Twitter, we forget what it’s like to welcome friends into your home, open up your heart and mix it up over good food and drink. It’s what the art of the dinner party is all about.”

1. Always make sure your dishwasher is empty at the start of a dinner party, as this will allow you to clean up as you go.
2. Always warm plates prior to serving. You’ll be surprised how well this works!
3. If you have beautiful china and sliver, use it! Don’t leave it sitting on the shelf collecting dust.
4. Don’t sit spouses (partners) next to each other. Mix it up a little.
5. Prep as much as you can ahead of time, so you can actually spend the evening with your guests instead of in the kitchen.
6. It’s always a good idea to ask ahead if any of your guests have food allergies or aversions.
7. When possible try to have fresh flowers or some sort of seasonal display as people really do appreciate the small touches.
8. Talk through the evening with your spouse (partner) ahead of time, so you can help each other and keep the evening running smoothly.
9. Take short cuts if and when you can if they don’t affect the integrity of the food.
10. Don’t sweat it! If it all turns out wrong you can always order pizza!

Recipe: Salsa Shrimp Cocktail in martini glasses

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