BlogHer12 Recap and Photos

Over the weekend, I attended BlogHer, the annual blogging conference that brings together thousands of women from around the world to discuss, inspire and connect with each other and brands. This was my 4th year attending.

However, it was President Obama's first year attending! Well, live via satelite at least. Hat's off to POTUS for acknowledging female bloggers and the woman in his own life. Watch it now!

Each year, I like to geek it out by sporting a new social media tee, last year I had one that read "Someone is Following Me" and included the twitter bird. This year, I had to design my own since I needed a maternity tee. So, I went to work over at Cafe Press and put "Future Tweeters" on the bump area of a black maternity tee. It recieved a pretty good response by fellow attendees :)

Here's a general photo recap of the exhibit floor from the show. Here I am having fun with "The Sun" from the Jimmy Dean breakfast commercials, handsome Milk Mustache men and aboard the Gorton's Seafood booth.

I was looking forward to finally taking advantage of the baby-themed swag that I usually giveaway, but it seemed this year that most of the brands had products for older children instead. I did get some homeopathic teething relief solutions from Boiron  though and some baby lotion from Weleda, an organic company whose products I use too. I'm adding both items to the diaper bag I'm putting together before the big delivery.

On the show floor, I also got to meet Candice Kumai, a judge on Iron Chef America over at the Eggland's Best booth:
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