That old familiar pain

12 years ago today I lost my father. One minute I'm saying goodnight to him on the phone and by the morning he was gone. Just like that, I no longer had a dad. The oddest part was that everything changed, but everything else was still the same. It was so eerie. Like I had entered a mirror version of my world, where everything looked the same and was continuing on like usual, but something was backwards, flipped, and I was the only one noticing. I was so wounded for so long that I don't normally let myself revisit that day, or the weeks after when I wrote this heartbreaking poem or those lonely years after, only on his birthday and today's anniversary. So, today is my day of full on melancholy. Bring it...that old familiar pain.

I put the below memorium in the Westchester Journal for his friends and family to see and remember. It runs tomorrow.

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