Hair feather extensions take LA

Besides the Brazilian blowout hair trend, you’ve probably seen feathers in celebs and girl's locks everywhere you go from elaborate pieces to thin strips. Putting feathers in the hair started of course with Native Americans and were also popular additions to 70’s getups, but today a longer-lasting extension using rooster tail feathers, left naturally colored or brightly died, are becoming popular again. Celebs like Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Hillary Duff, and even Steven Tyler have be-feathered themselves and inspired countless others to do the same. Los Angeles is claiming to have started this trend and it has since moved to New York and soon across the country.

Fred Segal Salon in Santa Monica doesn’t just go with the flock, if you will though. Their stylist Krystal Riddle (right) does "feather tipping," which adds a feather at the end of a braided piece of your hair. She has been working with feathers for the last three months, but she says during the last three weeks it has really blown up. In fact, her days are pretty much booked solid just doing feather extensions for women from ages eight to 50 for both casual and playful looks.

Apparently, the price of feathers have gone up significantly recently as a result of this trend and demand for them. Krystal, however has a friend in the fly fishing industry and she has been raiding his collection of dyed rooster feathers and even taking feathers out of jewelry pieces. Her offering also consists of guinea, pheasant, ostrich and peacock feathers. Typically, she says her customers get about five feathers put in their hair and the natural colored ones are the most popular. Yet, Krystal herself was wearing a bright blue feather in her black hair when I met with her for my appointment.

Since I have a day job in a professional setting, I opted for adding just two feathers for something subtle, but chic. I chose a blackish green rooster feather on one side and a spotted brown one on the other side (see below). Although, she did have a beautiful pink dyed peacock feather available that I was tempted to use, but it was much too dressy and elaborate for casual wear.

The extensions last one to three months and can be washed, blow-dried and even curled just like the rest of the hair. I'm glad that I just went with two though, because it makes it easier to comb my hair that way, since you have to be careful not to brush and ruin the feathers/braid.

Feather hair extensions range from $30 for a single custom feather to $45 for a handful, but prices will vary depending on the number and types of feathers used.

Here is pic of one of Krystal's more exotic feather pieces too:

You can see Steven Tyler's feathers on the cover of this month's Rolling Stone magazine.

Miley Cyrus:
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