Say hello to my little kitty

Almost two years ago, I announced the addition of Patches our Tortoiseshell kitty to our home and proudly showed how she could do tricks on command in this YouTube video.

Now, my husband who used to not want cats at all, brought home another kitty that he rescued from animal control. Her name is Bandit and she's a very loving and tiny 7-week-old Calico.

The poor thing has a respiratory condition that we are giving her medicine for and she even had worms when we first brought her home, only a day after she was spayed. So, she's had a rough couple of days, but has been oblivious to her aliments at least.

We were hoping that by getting a new cat it would help keep Patches entertained while we are at work and when we travel. At first, I felt guilty for disrupting Patches' charmed life when they were hissing at each other and she refused to play or do her tricks. Yet, now they aren't exactly close, but they are getting along and Patches is becoming more and more like her old self. Bandit simply doesn't take no for an answer and continually wants to play with Patches. As a result, they are constantly chasing each other around the house, which is fun to see.
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