A Wedding in Tampa

Last weekend, I had a mini high school reunion of sorts as I traveled to Tampa for my friend Dawn's wedding, who moved to the Sunshine State a couple of years ago and met her husband. Since I love weddings, I thought I'd share some of the fun details from her big day with you.

In the gazebo where she was wed, these lanterns kept fluttering in the gentle breeze, which looked both elegant and also provided an Asian nod to her groom's heritage.

On each seat rested a wooden hand fan and program.

At the end of each row hung a pail filled with pink rose petals. In lieu of a flower girl, guests at the end of the row were asked to throw the petals on the runway before the bride passed. I had never seen this done before and liked the new tradition.

Instead of the traditional and over used party favors, I was particularly drawn to the handmade jams sealed in jars on the table with their personal sticker and Wedding date on the lid and tied together with a ribbon. TSA unfortunately confiscated these jars from me on my way home though :(

And what wedding recap would be complete without a photo of the wedding cake? And it was yummy too.
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