Naples, Florida

For the last few days I've been staying in the city of Naples on the South West Coast of Florida to visit my mother, who is officially a "snow bird" and is now spending the winters in Naples and the summers back in Connecticut. She is loving it and why shouldn't she as it seems like one big playground for adults. The weather is tropical, the beaches consist of smooth white sands and every bar has a happy hour. She is also quite popular here since she's younger than most of the residents here as the median age for the town is 61 years. Where I on the other hand, keep getting questioned if I'm still in school, lol.

While the two of us were on a Segway tour of the city, I learned some more facts about Naples, like that there are more millionaires registered here than any other city (Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Judge Judy, Bob Seger). Holla! There are also 80 PGA golf courses in the 14 square miles area, and that's not counting the regular golf courses like the one near my mother's place. The name "Naples" caught on in the 1880s when people described the bay, mild climate and abundant fish and game to the sunny Italian peninsula. Coincidentally, Naples, Italy is where my father was born :)

Look how colorful the downtown area of the city is:

It was also my first time riding on the motorized Segway, which was a lot of fun. It kind of reminded me of skiing, because you direct and move the vehicle by applying pressure on the heels and balls of your feet. Unfortunately, a really elderly man from Germany was in our group holding us back, but at one point we went up to 11 MPH.
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