I made an announcement on Twitter last week, but then I realized I forgot to update ya'll properly here on my blog. The big news is that I just changed jobs. I am now a PR Manager at The Walt Disney Company in their Disney Consumer Products division. After five years of working at public relations agencies, I'm looking forward to the change and challenge of being in-house.

Although I won't be working on the Disney studio lot, I did get to tour the studio during my initial orientation, which included seeing the sound stages for Brothers and Sisters and going into the Disney archives, where I got to hold one of Walt's 32 Oscars:

You know how during the Academy Award acceptance speeches the actors always comment "wow, it's so heavy"? Well, that's because it really is. I reached out for the statue with one hand and quickly had to catch it with my other hand.

I also couldn't help but snap a photo of the Team Disney building where the seven dwarfs act as columns, love it!

My latest Huffington Post byline: Exploring the Los Angeles Times Travel & Adventure Show
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