Win a $100 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods store

In honor of Dick's Sporting Goods' chief marketing officer, Jeff Hennion, now tweeting for the company, they are letting me run a giveaway here on my blog for a $100 gift card to the sports store. Jeff will be tweeting about events happening at local stores, autograph sessions with athletes, store promotions (like the one going on now), also what he and the company are up to. He will also respond to your direct tweets if you have any specific questions.

To enter, follow @dickssportcmo and comment here saying that you are now following him on Twitter, but leave your twitter handle so I can check if you did. Also, comment with what you would buy with $100 gift card to Dick's and why? For example, my husband has been talking about needing a new golf club driver since his is out of date. What new innovations can they possibly make to a golf club anyway? It's just a club to whack a non-moving ball with! Personally, I'd probably get a new sports bra or splurge on a ski helmet. Back to YOU though, on Thursday, August 20th I will use to randomly select a winner here so you can fulfill whatever purchase you have your heart set on. Good luck!

Update: Congratulations to the 7th commenter NewYork Volleyball!
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