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June 29, 2009

A Fresh & Easy pool party

Literally that is. Last week after work, Raphael and I headed to a pool party at The Roosevelt Hotel and hosted by Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market. The party was in honor of the market's Hollywood store--which I blogged about when it opened last year--receiving a liquor license like their other locations. Now the store can sell its 200 wines, many of which are under $10 and 70 of them are exclusive to F & E. Thus, watch out Trader Joes! Unlike TJ though, I find that F&E is more modern and less of that country feeling (IE the place my mom goes to get cheese spreads and dips in fancy jars for her boating friends).

Out of the wines that we tasted Raphael liked the Fresh & Easy St. Helens Riesling (only $4.99 a bottle!) and I liked the F&E Napa Family Vineyards Cabarnet Sauvignon ($11.99, yup I have more expensive tastes ;). There was also this sparkling wine, La Gioiosa Prosecco ($7.99) that provided me with a sweet peach & pear buzz. I'd especially go back to purchase that bottle since nothing goes to my head like Champagne/sparkling wine.
I also love The Roosevelt Hotel's pool side bar and lounge. Usually the only way to get in though is if a friend is staying at the hotel or via some party like this. The party was made even more fun by hanging with Linday and Zach from LAist, Elizabeth of Traded My BMW for a Minivan and Noelle.
The folks at Fresh & Easy meanwhile will be donating two of their wine varietals at Blogger Prom next month and providing their canvas totes to hold all the swag we'll be giving out. Yay!


  1. I could go for some Prosecco now

  2. The Roosevelt is just a cool place - I love the pool! The prices you have for Fresh & Easy are on par with Trader Joe's - I'll have to check it out. Prosecco, I just saw that in a show or movie, can't remember which - think they were a group toasting to Prosecco, ring a bell?

  3. This was a great venue and definitely a good time. I think your Executive Chef (Mike?) nailed the food/wine pairings - nice job!

  4. Just me, or does "Fresh & Easy" sound like a feminine hygiene product? ;)

  5. leave it to the Brits to name it that

  6. Did you land the Fresh & Easy PR account?

  7. SoCal Communicator - No, Fresh and Easy is not my account or my firms.


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