Working the Los Angels BBQ

Today, I spent 7 hours on my feet collecting money and serving up some barbecue at the second annual Los Angeles Barbecue Festival out on the beach in Santa Monica. The organizer, Dan, from Drink Eat Play is a friend and he was looking for extra hands, so I manned a food booth and Raphael took the very popular beer tent. I was actually stationed at the Texas Thunder BBQ, which came in all the way from "the country of Texas" as their banner read. I was serving up some yummy beef brisket, which was smoked for 14 hours! Several of the people who purchased a plate from me came back to say how it was the best smoked BBQ there. I managed to rake in $36 in tips, which I thought was pretty impressive as one guy even put in a $5 bill, but when it was later split six ways with all the cook staff, not so impressive, lol. I also got into some smack talk with a Red Sox fan and one dude said, "hey beautiful in blue" and I quickly responded "hello bullshitter in black." I didn't say it mean though and he laughed :)
Also, there was Polkatots Cupcakes, which I'll be writing about more next week and Dandy Don's pouring root beer floats with homemade ice cream.
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