Pamper Me Fabulous (Again)

Early on Saturday morning, I once again attended the annual Pamper Me Fabulous event by The Fresh Events Company. This amazing women-only event brings together almost all the things girlfriends love to do: mini beauty and spa services from the best Los Angeles spas and salons, shopping for trendy beauty products, eating gourmet sweets and eats, sipping free drinks and scoring a Hollywood-style swag bag all under one swanky roof, the chic Vibiana in downtown LA. Oh, and 10% of all ticket sales to the event benefited Step Up Women's Network, which I'm also a member of. Thus, what more can you ask for?

I had my ticket weeks in advance, but when I heard my mother was coming out to visit me, I purchased her a ticket for the morning energize session too, so we both got to paper ourselves while spending some quality time together. Each VIP ticket gets you access to their VIP swag bag and two spa treatments, but you can purchase additional spa tickets for $30 each.

First, I tried a 20-minute laser teeth whitening from Pure White Teeth, which consisted of me putting a mouth guard in my mouth filled with some bleaching paste and keep my mouth open and jaw aimed at a warm blue light. I looked ridiculous and even drooled a bit, but apparently the process also made me two shades brighter in just this one short session. However, they advised me that for real results I should try one of their portable machines found at participating salons or spas and do two 45 minute sessions. I'm tempted since it's cheaper than going to a dentist and quicker than doing two weeks of daily white strips.

For my second treatment, I received a mini-facial from Lierac, the skin care line from Paris that is available at CVS Beauty stores. They did a detailed skin analysis and from that they then customized an indivdual skin prescription for me. The analysis part was a bit freaky though. I put my face into this booth with an ultraviolet light and in the mirror inside showed me a horrific image of my skin and that it was thirsty in some areas. If I wasn't motivated to put on night cream before and do a weekly scrub, I sure the hell am now. Yikes. I also plan to buy some of their products the next time I go to CVS pharmacy, especially their exfoliating mask.

My mother meanwhile received a hand massage and purchased goat milk soaps and lotion from Chivas Skin Care, which are handmade by a mother and daughter team. The goat milk supposedly moisturizes and nourishes your skin nicely. I even took home a bar of their original scented soap.

You'll be hearing more in future posts about some of the other vendors that I spoke with and the products that I tried.
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