The Halloween carnival

Described as the "World's Largest Street Party," the West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnival is a truly memorable experience. Much like the Greenwich Village Halloween parade in New York, but with stages set up for musical performances. Yet with over 1/2 million participants, there is plenty of people in costume on parade too.

With the election only days away, the big theme was political costumes and signs saying No to Prop 8 (the same sex marriage ban) and other causes. As a result, we saw plenty of Sarah Palin's and Joe the Plumbers, which Raphael almost dressed up as. I went as Super Girl. I would have liked to have been Wonder Woman, but lacked the black hair or the desire to where a wig, so settled for Super Girl instead. I wasn't the only one dressed as the red booted super hero though, I saw three others and one was a man.

Here are some photos:

I found Super Man!

This was hysterical ... the red "stewardesses" ran into blue ones and jokingly had a cat fight and were throwing bags of peanuts at each other:
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