28 in dog years

My 4th year blogaversary came and went without my notice. I feel like I neglected to give my kid a gift or something. I've known some bloggers to have a blogaversary parties even, but earlier this month When Tara Met Blog turned four and I was afraid to jinx it.

Four years ago, I was living in a bitchen (bed over the kitchen), working full-time in PR and going to school full-time for my Master's in journalism at NYU. There people like Adam Penenberg and Jeff Jarvis were talking about the new medium of blogging and how we should all get involved now. Several of my classmates and I took this to heart and started blogging. There blogs were a bit more serious, political and covered the topic of journalism. Mine was, well this. Me talking about life in the City, bad dates, pushing the pavement, etc. I was doing it mainly to develop my voice and to indulge in the fluff that I didn't get to write about at school. After, covering a hit and run in Queens, going on a police ride-a-long, standing on the Verrazano bridge during rush hour trying to talk to bikers, reporting on the 3rd anniversary of 9/11, I needed my blog, I needed to write about fluff. In the end, I believe I'm the only one from my class that is still blogging or has the same blog that they started with at least.

Confession, I almost named my blog Tiki Tara and I have no idea why, how stupid that would have been, granted it could have made for a good blog design though. It's really been amazing seeing my blog, my outlet, take off like it has. It went from just my friends commenting to strangers who then became my online friends of sorts. I went from explaining what a blog is to being asked for advice on starting one. From talking about my single adventures to falling in love, to being a hard NYKer to a skeptical Hollywooder. Thank you all for coming along for the ride!
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