Nip and Tuck

Me: I'm thinking of signing up for a wedding bootcamp in Beverly Hills.

Raphael: Cool, how much is it?

Me: Two something.

Raphael: What?! Why don't you just re-join the gym?

Me: Well, the bootcamp membership comes with a backpack.

Raphael: OMG!

Yesterday, I went to my first of two wedding dress fittings. I was excited, although yesterday's blog comment dampened that excitement. Yet, as the tailor kept pinning my dress she said "Don't lose weight," I then told her I planned on trying to loose a few pounds before the big day (honeymoon and all), to which she replied that I can't lose more than 10 pounds otherwise I'll go down a dress size. I told her no problem, lol. At my height, 5 pounds would make the difference, 10 would be extreme and well, I doubt I'd even have the ability to pull it off. The last time I lost around that was when I moved to London because of all the walking and my student income and again when I first moved to NY, just need to be a little more active out here in driving L.A.

Anyway, back to the wedding stuff. The bridal shop wanted $575 dollars for the veil, which come on, is really only a bit of silk gauze that I'd wear for like an hour. I told her I'd shop around. *sigh* How they get you. I'm going to check online or see if I can borrow a friends, heck it could be my something borrowed item for good luck!

I found shoes online at, which match my ivory wedding dress perfectly. Take a look.
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