LA Cupcakes: Famous Cupcakes

For this weekend's LA Cupcakes MeetUp the gang and I went back up to Studio City, well North Hollywood according to their website for some Famous Cupcakes, literally that's their name.

Made with organic and all natural ingredients their cupcakes are $3.25 each and come in eight different flavors. Their Hot Chocolate Cupcake (chocolate bottom, vanilla icing) was quite moist and my favorite pick for this shop with their gooey Red Velvet in a close second, the other girls also liked their Peanut Butter Chip and Cookies N Cream cupcakes. Their Va-Va-Va-Nilla though wasn't sweet enough for me, maybe because it's organic and not full of the bad but yummy stuff I guess; it also had a hint of cinnamon and was more like a muffin than a cupcake.

The store was very minimalist with funky Pinkberry-like lights. The highlight for this shop though is that they make adorable but expensive famous cupcake bouquets that mix in decorations and flowers along with arranged cupcakes. They deliver to all 50 states and you can also order online. Since Famous Cupcakes is a franchise, you'll probably start seeing them pop up all over, they are currently in OC, Chicago and San Diego and coming soon to Houston.
Before having cupcakes this little piggy had a lovely brunch at Cravings in West Hollywood with celeb bloggers PopBytes, CandyKirby and NinjaDude.
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