Giveaway: Cyndi Lauper True Colors concert

Courtesy of the Premiere Marquee Club, the Gibson Amphitheater and The Greek Theater's annual subscription program, I am able to give away two free tickets to Cyndi Lauper's True Colors concert featuring 80s diva Cyndi Lauper, the love shacking B-52’s, comedian Wanda Sykes, plus host Carson Kressley from Queer Eye and more. The show takes place on June 28th at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

Back in 2005 I had the pleasure of attending a Cyndi Lauper concert and meeting her briefly backstage. I was excited to see her in concert although I only really knew her big hits like "True Colors," "Time After Time" and of course "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," however after seeing her in concert I quickly became a Cynner and a bigger fan. I have seen both her and Madonna in concert and there is no comparison. Cyndi is the real singer, holding notes for long periods of time, playing instruments, writing the lyrics to her songs and not taking a break during her two hour show, where Madonna was so much more theatrical and didn't even sing that much. Anyway, I hope you win the tickets and then can see what I mean. Below is an excerpt from my resulting article in the Greenwich Time newspaper.
Lauper, who turned 50 in June and is the mother of a 6-year-old son, defied the aging gods with an incredibly energetic performance. During her two-hour nonstop performance, she jumped around the stage, held notes for long periods of time, banged her head, joined the audience out in the bleachers, and yelled to the people way in the back and to the side – all to the delight of the audience. The people around me kept shaking their heads over her endless amounts of energy, while going crazy with applause and screams at the same time.

During the performance her actions and expressions were very animated and theatrical, keeping audiences eyes on her constantly just to see what she would do next. She kept dramatically leaning against the big speakers on the sides of the stage with her eyes closed and her arms up over her head. In between songs, she told amusing stories about herself and how she used to have pictures of The Beatles and Davy Jones on her bedroom wall. She also managed to bring tears to audiences’ eyes, as she sang emotionally to “True Colors,” and told about how she wrote the song for her friend who died of AIDS in 1985. (read full article)
So, how do you win the tix I mentioned way earlier on from the Premiere Marquee Club? Well, just post a comment here and agree to be my special guest blogger by reviewing the show if you should win and sharing your experience with all of us so we can live vicariously through you (photos from the concert are indeed welcomed). Please leave your email address in your comment so that we can notify you if you win. I'll choose the winner by putting everyone's name in a hat and picking randomly. Good luck! Oh and if you want me to be your plus one, just let me know ;) Deadline to enter is Sunday March 30th at 5 p.m. PST.
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